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Synergy Medical launches SynMed Ultra
29 Jun
Synergy Medical launches SynMed Ultra

In exciting news for facilities filling a high volume of single or multi-dose compliance cards Synergy Medical announced the release of their long awaited Synmed Ultra this week.  


With three times the capacity of the classic SynMed, the ability to produce 100+ multi-dose cards per hour with 2 operators, and the same precision accuracy they're known for, Synmed has raised the bar against which all other card filling automation is measured against.  


No matter whether you're filling a large volume of cards manually, looking to convert your strip/pouch packaging operations to cards, or have entry level automation you're looking to upgrade, you can request more information today to learn more. 


Shop the family of Synmed compatible cards offered by PAS here or view the card comparison guide here.


Read the press release from Synmed

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