With over 100 years of experience supplying the healthcare industry with the consumables needed to operate their business and support their patients PAS is proud to have developed partnerships with some of the largest and most respected manufacturers and suppliers in the world.  Whether you're looking for automation, software, hardware, niche supplies, or something else the partners listed below are companies that we're confident you can count on to deliver in the same way you count on us.  Our preferred partners include:



Automation-  If you've grown your business to the point where you're ready to invest in automation to help you operate more efficiently we'd recommend:


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Experts in unit dose packaging of oral solids & bar-coding software

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Industry Leaders in automation for packaging Multi & Single Dose Compliance Blister Cards

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Innovators in Retail & LTC Pouch Packaging Solutions

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Distribution Partners-  We're great at manufacturing lots of unique products but also know when to rely on the manufacturing expertise of others when it's their specialty.  Whether it's a vial designed to perform in an assembly line at a high volume central fill or a cartridge we know won't leak/streak in a high volume printer we carry OEM products from:



(formerly Rexam & Owens Illinois)

The most widely used vial in the world

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The most counted on laser printer in healthcare

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Efficiently and accurately manage and dispense prescriptions. 

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Solutions for customers using Kyocera Printers

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Pharmacy Software Partners:  The best of the best at providing the software needed to run your pharmacy

(FYI-  PAS provides LASER and THERMAL labels compatible with all software us so we can help you find the right format for your operations!)



A partner who has your back

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Providing the Best Pharmacy Management Systems

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Innovative leader in end-to-end solutions for independent pharmacies

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Your COMPLETE pharmacy software solution

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Intelligent Pharmacy Software

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Pharmacy Resources:  Healthcare is complicated.  Our partners are experts at making sure your business works for both you AND your patients!




Giving you a unique and powerful advantage in running your pharmacy

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Discover the true joy of pharmacy ownership

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Adherence Devices-  Taking medication at the right time and the right dose is important!  PAS is proud to support our partners that are using technology to help promote patient safety.




Connected Medication Platform

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