About Us


About PAS

Pharmacy Automation Supplies (PAS) is a Chicago based industry leading manufacturer and distributor of  consumables to retail and healthcare organizations throughout the United States. Over the last 100+ years we’re proud to have grown from a small local print manufacturer addressing the label and bag needs  of a few regional pharmacies to one of the largest and most relied upon suppliers in the country.  Our primary products include custom pharmacy labels, cannabis/marijuana compliance stickers, stock hospital and laboratory labels, paper and plastic prescription bags, unit & multi dose compliance cards, strip/pouch packaging supplies, healthcare forms, point-of-sale paper, toners, and other consumable supplies.  

Why PAS?

From its inception PAS has been a pioneer in the healthcare consumable industry with a focus of addressing the three major needs of our customers:  Products, Price, and Service.  

  • Products- With over 20 high speed flexographic printers equipped with turret rewinders, printheads capable of digital printing, and the highest quality optical and error detection systems we pride ourselves on delivering products that will perform no matter the application or environment they're being used in. 
  • Price- Our goal is to set the bar on price that all others in the industry are measured against.  We accomplish through continuous investment in technology designed to increase efficiency and eliminate waste combined with our commitment to a business model of inside/e-commerce sales that helps us keep a lower overhead than competition.
  • Service- We recognize that our products are counted on to perform in critical healthcare settings and that if you have a question, concern, or issue it often needs immediate attention. You can reach us Monday-Friday from 8:00 AM until 6:00 PM via phone or any of the other methods listed here.