Partnership Opportunities


Much of PAS' success over the last 100+ years has been the result of mutually advantageous partnerships.  Through these partnerships we've been able to use our manufacturing, warehouse, distribution, marketing, and inside/outside sales teams to help grow our partners and ourselves by delivering the products, quality, and service that have helped PAS grow from a small regional manufacturer to one of the largest and most counted on suppliers of labeling and packaging in the country.

In this spirit we welcome all inquiries no matter how big or small!  Whether you're a print manufacturer looking to outsource work, automation company who could benefit from PAS managing your supplies division with our manufacturing/warehousing/distribution capabilities, broker looking to represent our products to the market, or healthcare consumables manufacturer looking to utilize PAS' e-commerce and sales departments to market your products we'll be happy to discuss the various ways we can work together.  You can view some of our current partners here.  

If you have ideas how PAS and your company can work together we would like to hear from you, Please Contact Us on the web or give us a call at 800-798-1401 and we'd love to discuss.