Why You're Not Thinking About Your Pharmacy Packaging (and Why You Should Be)

Why You're Not Thinking About Your Pharmacy Packaging (and Why You Should Be)

Posted by Pharmacy Automation Supplies on Apr 26th 2021

Muscle memory is a fantastic thing. Every day, we wake up, shower, get dressed and brush our teeth without hardly thinking about it. You've done it so many times that your brain clicks into gear, and you can spend that brainpower on planning your day or planning for retirement (depending on the day :)).

The same goes for your Pharmacy. You grab your vial, count your tablets, cap, and bag without a second thought.

But wait, should you? Take a moment to visualize your packaging. Are you amazed...or are you underwhelmed?

Packaging is a little thing that can make a big difference. How do we know? Do a quick search on YouTube for "unboxing" and be amazed at the amount of time spent admiring packaging. While our modest pharmacies will never compete with an Apple iPhone, it will make subtle (but valuable) impressions on your customers.

Good packaging clearly delivers a message, creates customer loyalty, emotionally engages with your customers, confirms your credibility, and motivates future purchases. If you're using cheap, non-branded packaging, you're missing out on all of these advantages.

To build your brand and your packaging, consider the following.

Why: People don't buy what you do; they buy why you do it.

How: Anyone can dispense med; how do you do it differently

What: This is the result of why.

These questions seem simple, but they can be a challenge. While your muscles are automatically doing their thing in the shower, consider the why, how, and what of your Pharmacy, and consider how you can communicate it with packaging.

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