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SynMed® XF Automated Adherence Solution

SKU# Synmed-XF
SKU# Synmed-XF
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SynMed® XF Automated Adherence Solution


The SynMed® XF Automated Adherence Solution is a high-tech system that helps patients take their medications correctly and on time. By automatically organizing medications into blister packs, it ensures that patients follow their prescriptions accurately. 

This system is especially useful for people who need to take multiple medications at different times. It makes managing medications easier and reduces the chance of mistakes. For pharmacies, it improves workflow and lets staff spend more time helping patients instead of preparing medications manually.


Benefits of Automated Adherence Solutions


- Helps patients take their medications correctly by using easy-to-follow blister packs.
- Reduces mistakes in medication dispensing.
- Makes pharmacy operations more efficient by automating the process.
- Improves patient health by ensuring they take their medications as prescribed.
- Allows pharmacy staff to focus more on patient care and less on preparing medications.
- Increases potential revenue for pharmacies by providing better service and increasing patient satisfaction.
- Simplifies the management of complex medication schedules.


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With over 100+ years of experience working with independent pharmacies, we recognize the unique needs and challenges facing pharmacies and have grown accordingly.


What is SynMed® XF?

  • SynMed® XF is an advanced automated dispensing system specifically designed for solid oral medications. It utilizes cutting-edge technology to accurately and efficiently fill blister cards, enhancing medication adherence and patient safety.

Who manufactures SynMed® XF?

  • SynMed® XF is designed and manufactured by Synergy Medical, a company dedicated to increasing patient safety through the use of compliance packaging and automated dispensing systems.

What type of medications does SynMed® XF dispense?

  • The system is tailored for solid oral medications, making it ideal for pharmacies looking to streamline their dispensing process for tablets and capsules.

What kind of packaging does SynMed® XF use?

  • SynMed® XF uses blister cards for packaging medications. This method ensures precise dosage and secure packaging, which is essential for maintaining medication integrity and patient adherence.

Are there different types of blister cards compatible with SynMed® XF?

  • Yes, Pharmacy Automation Supplies (PAS) offers a wide range of blister cards compatible with SynMed® XF. These include both unit dose and multi-dose cards, allowing pharmacies to choose the best option for their needs and patient requirements.

Can I see a demonstration of SynMed® XF?

  • Yes, demonstrations of SynMed® XF and related products are available through videos on the Pharmacy Automation Supplies website. These videos showcase the system’s functionality and benefits in real-world scenarios.

What other products are related to SynMed® XF?

  • Related products include SynMed® Assist, which provides additional support for medication management, SynMed® Ultra, an enhanced version of the dispensing system, and the Pillsy Mobile App + Medication Adherence Platform, which helps patients manage their medications through a mobile interface.