m:Print® Bar Code Labeling Software

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m:Print® Bar Code Labeling Software

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m:Print® Bar Code Labeling Software

sku# m:print

PAS is a proud partner of Pearson Medical Technologies!

  • PAS and Pearson Medical are separately owned companies brought together by a mutual desire to increase patient safety through the use of compliance packaging.
  • PAS manufactures and distributes many of the supplies designed for use with m:Print® software as well as many of the other related products for Pearson Medical customers (labels, strip/pouch packaging material, ribbons, pill boxes, etc.)


Features of m:Print® Bar Code Labeling Software include:

  • m:Print® Bar Code Labeling Software allows pharmacies to design and print unlimited amounts of pharmacy labels for unit dose packages and manual packaging.
  • Print Linear or 2D Bar Codes


    m:Print® Bar Code Labeling Software comes with the Medi-Span Drug Information Database including complete drug information and pill images.
  • tallMAN lettering representation is included for enhanced patient safety to differentiate

     look-alike and sound-alike drugs.


    Flexible Reporting – Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services means robust reports wit advanced data filtering capabilities.


Additional Product Information:


The only way to get m:Print® Bar Code Labeling Software is directly through Pearson Medical Technologies.  Use the request a quote button below or visit them at (http://www.pearsonmedical.com/) to get additional info.  

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m:Print® Bar Code Labeling Software provides comprehensive solutions to bar code labeling needs for pharmacists and their technicians to provide quality service to their patients. m:Print® is a stand-alone bar code software, that allows users to design and print pharmacy labels to increase the efficiency and accuracy of its unit dose bar code labeling as well as its manually packaged labels. Because it is a stand-alone software, pharmacies can instantly become bar code compliant. m:Print® offers the flexibility in printing 2D and linear bar codes, as well as an unlimited number of label templates that pharmacies design on their own. Print any type or size label using m:Print® to any Windows® driven printer.

Contact Pearson Medical Technologies today to learn more about purchasing, leasing, or rental options or learn about their entire family of products here.  

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Usually ships within 24 to 48 hours of receipt of purchase order.

Built-In Computer Specifications (m:Print® with the iPack® Rx):

  • Windows® 10 PRO 64 Bit
  • 8 GB DDR3 Memory
  • Wi-Fi Capability
  • Wireless Keyboard and Mouse
  • 110 volt or optional 220 volt outlet and 15 AMP minimum circuit.

Desktop Computer Requirements:

  • Operating System must be 32 or 64 bit
  • Operating System must be Windows® 7 or higher
  • Adobe Viewer to view reports
  • Minimum two USB ports