Why Compliance Cards?

PAS Compliance Card FamilyNon-adherence to a medication regimen not only threatens the health of patients but has a substantial adverse effect throughout the entire healthcare system.  Study after study has shown how calendarized packaging can dramatically increase medication adherence and PAS is proud to have been one of the first to develop compliance card solutions for the US market.  The unique and diverse offerings we’ve built ensures that no matter the needs of your patients or pharmacy our extensive range of products can help improve your Medicare Part D Star Rating, grow your operations, and most importantly lead to positive health outcomes for your patients .   Use the links below or contact us today to learn more about our products:

  • Compliance Cards for Retail Pharmacies
  • Compliance Cards for LTC Pharmacies
  • Compliance Cards for Supermarket Pharmacies
  • Complete lineup of unit and multi-dose compliance cards.