DeBlister Semi-Automatic

sku# pearson-deblister-semiautomatic

DeBlister Semi-Automatic

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DeBlister Semi-Automatic

sku# pearson-deblister-semiautomatic

PAS is a proud partner of Pearson Medical Technologies!

  • PAS and Pearson Medical are separately owned companies brought together by a mutual desire to increase patient safety through the use of compliance packaging.
  • PAS manufactures and distributes many of the supplies designed for use with Pearson Medical equipment.


Features of the DeBlister Semi-Automatic from Pearson Medical include:

  • The DeBlister Semi-Automatic is capable of deblistering press out blisters at 40 packages per minute.
  • No Air Supply Needed
  • Fully cGMP
  • Non-slip safety pads
  • Removable collection tray for easy cleaning and sanitation
  • DeBlister Semi-Automatic requires only 1, simple tool change to set and configure for each run.
  • Handles PVC/alu as well as alu/alu blisters
  • Flexible – can be adjusted quickly to suit any push-through blister pack
  • Easy to use – no specialist skills required
  • Ideal for small batches
  • Affordable solution


Additional Product Information:


The only way to get the DeBlister Semi-Automatic is directly through Pearson Medical Technologies.  Use the request a quote button below or visit them at ( to get additional info.  

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Pearson Medical Technologies offers the simplest, semi-automatic, portable, and safe deblistering recovering machine. An electric eye detects when the blister pack is in position and a sensor activates the roller automatically. Oral medications are gently removed from the pack and separated into a collection drawer without causing any damage to the pills. The collection tray is easily removed for cleaning to prevent cross contamination from pill dust.

Contact Pearson Medical Technologies today to learn more about purchasing, leasing, or rental options or learn about their entire family of products here.  

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Usually ships within 24 to 48 hours of receipt of purchase order.
  • Blister Type: Push-through
  • Blisters Layout: In-line Layout and Diagonal/Offset layout
  • Operation: Semi-Automatic
  • Machine Construction: All product contact areas are stainless steel 316 and ABS food grade.
  • Maximum Pack Size: Width: 6.7"/170mm Length: Unlimited
  • Operating Speed: Up to 40 blisters per minute
  • Power Supplies: Single phase electricity 110/230V
  • Approximate Tooling Changeover: 3 minutes
  • Dimensions: 12.6" x 12.6" x 8.3"/320mm x 320mm x 240mm
  • Weight: 40 lbs/18kg