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PAS is a proud partner of Pack4U!

  • PAS and Pack4U are seperately owned companies brought together by a mutual desire to increase patient safety through the use of compliance packaging.
  • PAS has developed a variety of outside packaging for Pack4U customers ensuring that no matter the branding goals or consumables budget of your pharmacy; We have a solution that will fit your needs. 

Pack4U gives you the power to innovate, grow your business, and accelerate your opportunities. Use their high-tech pharmacy to:

  • Get into compliance packaging quickly and cost-effectively
  • Add long-term care services without hiring staff or investing in automation
  • Expand your use of automation or establish back-up for automation in use
  • Reduce labor in the pharmacy to focus on patient care, other services and/or business growth
  • Take on new retail or LTC business without adding or reorganizing staff
  • Boost dispensing accuracy and/or packaging cost-efficiency
  • Attract new partners, such as home health
  • Accelerate PACE programs
  • Positively impact CMS star ratings
  • Compete with other pharmacies

The best way to learn more about Pack4U is to talk to one of their experts today.  Use the request a quote button below or visit them at ( to get additional information.  

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About Pack4U 

As the innovator of Pharmacy as a Service, Pack4U provides pharmacy solutions that empower pharmacists to positively impact patient wellness. Pack4U's high-tech pharmacy serves only pharmacies. Put Pack4U's team of business, software and pharmacy experts to work for you.

How does it work?

How Pack4U Works


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How does Pack4U ship the medications and what is the cost?

Pack4U will arrange shipping via any of the major delivery companies in the United States at standard shipping rates. Alternatively, you may make independent shipping arrangements using providers you already have in place.


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