iPack® Rx Unit Dose Packager

sku# iPack® Rx Unit Dose Packager

iPack® Rx Unit Dose Packager

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iPack® Rx Unit Dose Packager

sku# iPack® Rx Unit Dose Packager

PAS is a proud partner of Pearson Medical Technologies!

  • PAS and Pearson Medical are seperately owned companies brought together by a mutual desire to increase patient safety through the use of compliance packaging.
  • PAS supplies the strip/pouch material utilized by the iPack® Rx as well as manufactures/distributes many related products for Pearson Medical customers (labels, ribbons, pill boxes, etc.)


Features of the iPack® Rx Unit Dose Packager include:

  • The iPack® Rx Unit Dose Packager provides exclusive no crush technology – virtually eliminating crushed pills
  • Create multiple package lengths: 1.25”, 1.43”, 1.67”, 2.0” with only a mouse click
  • In-line Bar Code Verifier to scan and check the bar code on every package
  • Pill Drop Sensor to prevent missed or empty packages
  • Universal Pill Disc can package any size tablet or capsule – no hassling with multiple discs
  • Prints Linear and 2D bar codes
  • Operated by m:Print Bar Code Labeling Software with complete drug database available, including pill images and tallMAN lettering
  • Unlimited custom label templates
  • Optional intelliCount® Automated Universal Tablet/Capsule Feeder


Additional Product Information:

The only way to get iPack® Rx is directly through Pearson Medical Technologies.  Use the request a quote button below or visit them at (http://www.pearsonmedical.com/) to get additional info.  

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The iPack® Rx Unit Dose Packager provides the most innovative tabletop packaging technology and is a complete unit dose packaging system for any hospital on the market today.

Exclusive No Crush Technology uses a patented universal pill disk, patent-pending feed throats, a pill drop sensor, and an in-line bar code verifier to make packaging process easy and error free. No other tabletop packager can package in 4 package lengths with just a simple click of a mouse. No print ribbon is required.

Advanced engineering design includes independent computerized motor controls for unparalleled reliability, flexibility, and complete user control over all packaging operations.

Operated by m:Print® Bar Code Labeling Software allows for unlimited label templates and complete tracking information through comprehensive reports. With the ability to add multiple ancillary printers, the system can print any size label to any Windows® printer which makes the iPack® Rx a complete packaging solution for every pharmacy.

The iPack® Rx is also available with the patented intelliCount® Automated Universal Tablet/Capsule Feeder to allow for unattended packaging operations, optimizing efficiency and freeing pharmacy staff to make patient care the priority.

Contact Pearson Medical Technologies today to learn more about purchasing, leasing, or rental options or learn about their entire family of products here.  

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Shipping from Pearson Medical Technologies.
  • Package Speed: 48 packages per minute
  • Printer: 300DPI
  • Operating Modes: Direct Thermal
  • Bar Code Symbology: Linear and 2D Bar Codes, such as Aztec and Data Matrix
  • Materials: Paper/Foil, Cello with 1 year beyond use date
  • Dimensions: Height: 14” Width: 40” Depth: 18” Weight: 114 lbs.
  • Optimal Operating Space: 65” from floor x 52”L x 18”D
  • Power: 115VAC, 60Hz, 320VA & 230VAC, 50Hz, 320VA
  • Package Sizes: 2.0” x 1.25”; 2.0” x 1.43”; 2.0” x 1.67”; 2.0” x 2.0”